Collection of digital educational resources on Physics includes over 5,000 projects of various educational genres (from interactive simulators and tests to intelligent models and virtual laboratories). The collection is developed in collaboration with the best teachers of the Russian Federation and is constantly updated with new virtual objects.

The use of the learning content allows you to:

  • provide a student-centered approach to learning and an in-depth activity approach; individualize the learning process; not only give the knowledge but also build up skills; and make a shift from the teacher-centered work to the student-centered;
  • achieve a new quality of visualization and understanding of the material;
  • get variability of presentation, individual learning paths;
  • increase the level of students’ autonomy; develop the capacity to build up new skills, create new knowledge, make decisions and develop research skills.

The academic discipline of physics is presented by the following software packages:

  1. "Interactive Physics" Grade 7
  2. "Interactive Physics" Grade 8
  3. "Interactive Physics" Grade 9
  4. "Interactive Physics" Grades 10-11
  5. "Virtual Physics" modeling computer environment
  6. Set of training videos for the physics lessons " (2 CD)
  7. 7. Set of interactive simulators in physics for high school students and school leavers:
    Part 1. "Mechanics"
    Part 2. "Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics"
    Part 3. "Electricity and Magnetism"
    Part 4. "Optics. Microcosm"

Other products