Spiritual and moral education of preschool and school age children.

The aim of this product is to:

  • develop intellectual abilities and form spiritual, moral, and philosophical basis of preschool and school age children personality;
  • teach the topics necessary for moral identity formation of preschool and school age children using literary examples and historical facts;
  • teach several defining aspects of spiritual and moral education of the individual: the importance of school and spiritual and moral climate in the family during the formation of personality; spiritual and moral influence of a teacher; peer group and its role in the spiritual and moral formation of an individual;
  • bring up patriots of their motherland, who are able to make considered judgments in matters of morality, ethics, social justice; able to understand and appreciate their national culture;
  • bring up a modern citizens who are proud of their historical roots and respects them;
  • provide new educational opportunities in the material representation and educational process control management, which is possible due to templates and technologies that support interactive methods of learning literary and historical facts. This is supplemented with an interactive test and interactive exercises system. The "Integrated Character Education Automation System” automatically generates student portfolio that is available for discussion and review by all the participants of the educational process. Discussion of a portfolio results in an intellectual and spiritual enrichment of all participants.

Application field: Spiritual and moral education during the educational process of preschool and school age children.

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