The use of the learning content allows you to:

  • provide a student-centered approach to learning and an in-depth activity approach; individualize the learning process; not only give the knowledge but also build up skills; and make a shift from the teacher-centered work to the student-centered;
  • achieve a new quality of visualization and understanding of the material;
  • get variability of presentation, individual learning paths;
  • increase the level of students’ autonomy; develop the capacity to build up new skills, create new knowledge, make decisions and develop research skills.

The academic discipline of geography is presented by the following software packages:

  1. "Geography" Grades 6-8
  2. "Geography. Identifier of deciduous and coniferous trees of the European part of Russia"
  3. "Geography. Identifier of animal tracks"
  4. "Geography. Birds guide"
  5. "Geography. Identifier of rocks and minerals. Workshop - identifier of landforms"
  6. "Interactive Cartographic Laboratory"

Other products