Collection of intelligent educational models, simulators, research and laboratory work.


Knowledge and skills maps as a tool for constructing learning paths.


Individual student portfolios, automatic maintaining of electronic diaries and journals, statistics on student academic performance on the level of schools, cities, districts and regions.


Nuraly Kudaybergenuly
CEO, «Nurecom» Ltd

Combining interactive simulators into one system, which is the basis of electronic textbooks on the Stratum platform, allows not only to nurture child’s interest in acquiring new knowledge, making discoveries and developing creative thinking, but also makes it possible to construct individual development paths, thus creating a new type of personality.

Moreover, such textbooks provide a large variety of lesson scenarios, which fosters activity and enthusiasm for learning process not only in students, but also in teachers themselves.

Kevin Mather
VP International Business, PASCO Scientific

Where an actual experiment is difficult to carry out, interactive models based on Stratum technology join the game. For example, you can have your own chemical laboratory with flexible features on your PC . And here you can hold experiments, test theories, disprove hypothesis by changing the values of any parameters, and the only risk you have is to see beautiful explosion on the screen.

Timothy Barbieri
Professor CG Electronics Faculty of the Polytechnic University of Milan

In my experience, the main purpose of any creative teacher is to make a clear statement of your own discipline, to transform a trivial overlearning of the material into two-sided process of interaction of the child with the virtual world. Electronic textbooks, based on Stratum technology, contain intelligent interactive models illustrating the complex objects, processes and phenomena of the world around us in an understandable form that makes learning more vivid, meaningful and effective.

Andrei Khusid
CEO, design group «VITAMIN»

I've always perceived the world around me through visual images. That is why when a teacher at school tried to explain ice drift to me chalking something on the board, it was so hard to understand how it really works. After studying a model of the Earth for 15 minutes, I easily understood what my teacher had been trying to explain to me the whole term.

I also like it in terms of design - it invites you to touch everything.